If you have a low credit score, you know just how important it is to fix it as fast as humanly possible. In many cases, speedy recovery of your credit simply isn’t possible. However, there is good news, as there are a few things you can quickly do in order to quickly and legally improve your credit score.

Dispute Inaccurate Items

There may be times that a negative mark has been made against your account that is actually incorrect. Alternatively, there may also be fraudulent actions taken against your account. Either way, there are set procedures in place that can help you dispute these inaccurate items or have fraudulent charges removed from your account. You can do this for free, on your own, or you can contact a credit repair company for assistance. Either way, removing bad charges can help you straighten out your account, remove debt, and potentially cause a big jump in your score.

Get Your Credit Limit Increased

Getting your credit limit increased can decrease the overall amount of credit you have used. This is known as your credit utilization rate, and increasing your credit limit can decrease the rate. Your credit utilization rate is a huge determination for your overall credit score, so increasing your limit can cause an increase in your score. 

Make A Big Payment

All credit scores have one thing in common: More debt will lead to higher credit utilization rates, and thus lower your score. Accordingly, decreasing your debt by making a big debt payment will increase your score. This is a great way to quickly increase your score.

Of course, in most cases, that is easier said than done. Longer term, paying off your debt is important. Alternatively, you can also see if you can consolidate your debt into one credit card with a  lower interest rate. This isn’t fast, but if you reduce your interest rates, you will reduce your debt in the long term, making it easier for you to pay off your credit. 

Write A Goodwill Adjustment Letter

A Goodwill Adjustment Letter is when you ask for a late payment to be removed by writing a letter to the credit reporting agency. They don’t always work – particularly if you have a bad credit history and a history of late payments. However, if this is something that doesn’t usually happen for you, writing this letter may result in a credit agency removing the negative mark on your score for your late payment. Keep in mind that these don’t always work, but a well-written letter can result in a score improvement.

Improving your credit score is usually something that takes time and effort. However, these steps are relatively quick and can help you quickly improve your score.