If you or a credit company is looking to run your credit report and receive your credit score, there are three main sites that they can use. Typically, a mortgage company will look at all three credit sites to get the best overall idea of your credit history. If you are applying for a small loan or credit card, the company issuing it may only look at one source.

Different Sites Available

The three main sites that issue credit scores are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. All of these sites are very reliable and can issue you a fair credit score. While they all have access to the same information in your credit history, they may choose to calculate the score differently. This means that you can receive a different credit score from each company.

Which Company is Best?

There are many things that can affect your credit score and each company will weigh these things differently. Overall, the best and most reliable credit company that you can use is Equifax. This is one of the best sites to use because it offers credit scores from all three companies for one small monthly fee. This site is accurate and takes into consideration all available information to give you the most accurate number possible.

Equifax also provides consumers with necessary information to help them in all their financial goals. They offer identity protection, educational resources, and simulation tools to help you reach all of your financial goals, both short term and long term. This site will not only give you your credit score, but they will help you understand your credit score. They will break down your credit score, show you how it was calculated and give you tips to help improve your credit.

Using Credit Reports

In the past, many people have thought that checking your own credit score can hurt you. This, in fact, is not true. When you check your own credit score, you are doing a soft check into your credit. This will not affect your score even if you check it every day.

You can use different credit reporting agencies to check your credit score. While the most accurate and most reliable company to check your score from is Equifax, you can access it for free from other sites. One of the most well known company is Credit Karma, which allows you to check your score for free as much as you would like. This is another reliable site because it pulls information from TransUnion and Equifax to give you a score.

A person’s credit is a main factor in their lives that can significantly affect your ability to buy a car, buy a home, or open a credit card. Your credit can change very quickly, depending on your financial situation. To have the best financial situation possible, it is crucial that you understand your credit score and how to improve it. These credit report agencies can help you understand your score and give you the information necessary to improve it.