How to get a free credit report

Your credit report speaks volumes about your creditworthiness. It contains a complete record of your credit history. As such, it not only influences how creditors view you but also determines whether they can trust you with their funds. For this reason, it is important that you check your credit reports at least once per year […]

Which credit report is most accurate?

If you or a credit company is looking to run your credit report and receive your credit score, there are three main sites that they can use. Typically, a mortgage company will look at all three credit sites to get the best overall idea of your credit history. If you are applying for a small […]

How to fix errors on your credit report

According to a report by the United States Federal Trade Commission, one out of five Americans has experienced errors in their credit reports (at least once). Credit report errors drag your score down hence making you less creditworthy. It is important, therefore, that you know how to fix these errors in order to improve your […]